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Jan 17, 2005
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East Meadow, Long Island
Upgrade bug is biting me again. I've enjoyed the cinema I but it seems most people here have the Theatre I. Is there a huge difference or just subtle?
Thanks for the input.
cinema v theater i

I auditioned both Cinema and Theater i, even though there was a big difference in price.i bought theater i.I was allowed to listen both at home by the dealer.
I must say there was a huge difference in sound between cinema and theater without going into any technical details(even my wife noticed the difference) :D
Best advice is to audition both Cinema and theater.
Or you could hang on for the new replacement centre speaker....
Yes, wait till the new center is released and grab a Theatre i for a great discontinued model price :D
The local dealer sold the theatre so i cant audition. The one I can get is used in excellent condition for $1600. Thanks for the suggestion to wait, I will. Can't find any pictures of this Stage, wasn't that and Summit supposed to be March?
I am waiting to see some photos too - there have been none released yet. All I know is that the dimensions and price will be similiar to the Theater, but the performance is meant to be significantly better.