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Jan 6, 2005
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Cloverdale, BC
sigh, my karmic turn.

maybe it thinks it can speak "bee", but my right CLS started to buzz and inspection revealed that the damping tape has started to come loose on one side.

the seven stages of martin logan problems

  1. denial - they couldn't do that, not my beloved CLS
  2. acceptance - darn
  3. internet - i know that someone on ML club fixed this
  4. inquisitive - hmmm, i wonder if i can too
  5. reality - what the h*ll am i doing, i should email jim power
  6. amazement - wow that was a fast reply from jim
  7. relief - all fixed

i'm at stage 6. Jim suggested pulling out the damping tape and then putting a strip of tape on the backside of the perfed metal.

we also talked about an idea i had to reglue the damping tape in place..

wish me luck
funny Chit there,!! true but funny, worse case scenario is new panels for the tune of about $900.00, but where can you get that sound for nine hundred with a five year waranty , I just replaced my Quest panels 2 months ago and they are finaly melowing out and starting to kick arse!!!!!!!!!!!
I wrote about this before. Check out my posts, should be easy to find.

Have not felt the need to replace the pieces yet, seems to work fine without them, even at levels louder than I want to listien to them.

Been there and tried a lot. I did not remove the dampener "damping tape" in my trials and tribulations. Did Jim also mention the blow dryer? It depends on if the adhesive is still functional and can be "re-stuck" or needs to be removed.

Let me know if I can help. I went through this in Februrary with my CLSiiZ's.

Jeff :eek:
I had all of the damper peices come loose and start 'kazooing' when I gave my CLS's a shower. Per Jim Powers instructions, I used a pair of fine tweezers, grabbed a corner of the damper peice, and if you're careful, you can pull the whole peice of mylar through one of the little holes in the stator (doesn't seem like it will fit, but it will). I spent about 2 hours to get all 6 of them on each speaker out. I replaced the dampers with clear shipping tape on the outside of the rear stator (the originals were stuck to the inside of the rear stator). Works fine for me, although they sounded great with no dampers as well.