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Sep 6, 2005
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I have a setup of 2 pairs or ML mosaics and 3 Frescos for the center channel and surround. I have run this parstexpress 12 gauge in wall speaker wire through out my HT room (

My Wall plates and connectors are dayton audio from parts express.

I will probably use the same speaker wire (for budget reasons) for connecting my speakers. I just started researching banana plugs for this setup. I am overwhelmed to say the least. I have seen banana pluga out there ranging from $5-$50 a pair (probably more). Once again for budget reasons, I will have to limit the cost of these banana plugs to $15 per pair. Currently, I am considering the PureAV (Belkin) banana plus from

Are PureAV banana plugs a good choice? What should i look for when buyin banan plugs ( Gold, Hard Gold, Gold coated--arghhhhh) I was hoping that some of you can guide me in the right direction.

Thank in Advance.
When I have used Banana's in the past, I have been very happy with the DH Lab products...Here are some of their prices (each)

B-1C (10-14 gauge banana plug) 2.75
B-8C (8 gauge banana plug) 3.25
Locking Banana Plug 7.00

FWIW - my personal opinion: if you use bananas, use locking ones. They secure the connection better than conventional bananas.
Personally I think Banana's are good if you need to switch things in and out like Audio Stores do. But sometimes to Bi-Wire a speaker on a single post, you need to Banana one wire and spade/bare wire the other.

If you can, use spades or bare wire, those are better.

But if you do need to use Banana's, locking are good as they will continue to hold well even over time - especially if the banana's are removed and inserted a number of times.

if you have to use bananas , use them ,however if you dont hook the wire up bare to the speaker , it does not look as cool but for sound it is better ( one less roadblock for the curent to flow through)
Does anyone know what the diameter of the proper plugs are for SL3s? I just bought the SL3s for sale here and need to get b-plugs. I know they aren't the best but until I can properly wire everything up I would like to use these.

TIA :)