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Sep 3, 2011
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Just wondering who is going to Axpona 2018 and if so what you are looking for or interested in? Take a look at the web site for vendors attending, shows and entertainment.

If you don't know the show has moved this year to another much larger and better venue in Chicago. Similar area just a move up in my opinion with many more larger rooms. I have stayed at the new site many times in the past and its always been great.

So what is new and why should you consider to go:

1. Over 60 new rooms this year(last year there were about 40 new ones). Last year about 150ish rooms now around 200. Take a look at the list of vendors its pretty much a who who's in the industry. Also vinyl and headphones with a large room dedicated to each. See tons of digital, not many CD players, lots of vinyl and yes even tape to tape sources.
2. This show has been increasing for years (this is now my 4th, I think it's the shows 7th or 8th., first one in Atlanta if you can believe then moved to Chicago) and I think if its not its already the best show in the US its pretty close. Don't take my word for it. In listening to vendors that is what they are saying.
3. If you have not been to a show yet always reading magazines and/or on the web you really owe it to yourself to attend. My first was 2015. It was a great experience. Its kind of like Tidal. No matter how large of a personal collection of albums you have Tidal just blows it away. Similarly with Axpona. No matter how great a dealer(s) you have in your area to audition products you will never hear or see so much as you will at a show.
4. For Kef enthusiasts your out of luck they have decided to not attend this year. Its a shame as I always liked their guy with the British accent - he was really good at explaining and had good tracks to listen too.
5. Sorry but you will most likely spend some money on updating - either right there, few months afterwords or maybe just seed for some future purchase :D
6. Martin Logan is in three rooms. If memory serves me right I think they were in just two last year. Last year had the 15a's in walnut and some current units off to the side you could see but did not play. Probably this year Neolith I'm assuming but do not know. If they do hope they are in a one of the larger rooms as in the past the room was smaller and I think could of even sounded better. Really good sound in the rooms ML was in last year.
7. Another big plus are some of the seminars with interesting topics to attend at no extra cost.
8. Also in many cases you get to meet the people behind your products. In many cases the actual owners or factory reps. at the very least. Hear straight from the manufacturer what is going on and possible new things they are working on.
9. Yes the rooms are not ideal to listen for a particular component as all rooms have a system however there are at times more then one room with your component of interest. Also you can get a feel from others their comments etc. so you at least get a good idea if that component is worthy further investigation.

I have nothing to gain from posting this article as it almost looks like a promotion. I'm just excited to pass on what I have experienced and hope others will consider. I decided to go the first time about now so the rooms at the venue were sold out to stay there overnight but where I did stay was close with a bus shuttle - still very worth while to go.

I did a similar post last year with little response. Not sure why but it was disappointing the lack of interest in a show of a hobby we are so passionate about??
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Hey Mike,

Well I am GOING! :) Looking forward to seeing all these first rate exhibitors and showrooms. And to just sit and listen. I am also looking forward to getting to talk to the guys who actually designed this stuff. And to hear them explain so passionately about what they created AND why they did this & that. That kind of info makes it that much more special knowing what reasons went into their design.

And especially for a lot us who live in small towns the ability to get to actually see ALL the cool gear is pretty dang special.

The other thing is in todays economy and really for awhile now, not many dealers can afford to stock much anymore. So one relies on the forums and then getting to go to something like AXPONA.

Looking forward to hanging with you Mike and with Shawn. Just a little over 3 weeks away! :)
sounds like a good time guys, be sure to share your, etc.