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Paul Pohopien

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Jan 8, 2005
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Glendora, California
I'm somewhat embarassed to post this, but I'm hoping someone here can help me understand how to hookup a Jeff Rowland Coherence One preamp into my system!

I just bought this unit off Audiogon, and happened to look at a picture of the rear and it has what looks like dual rca's for each input/output.....making them balanced supposedly.

Here's a quote from an Absolute Sound article that describes the setup:

"The Rowland accomplishes polarity reversal, not by adding another stage in series with the line output, but rather by allowing you to switch between either of two output stages-one that does not invert polarity or one that does. This elegant approach also provides two sets of outputs – one inverting and the other is non-inverting, which can be paralleled to drive balanced lines"

I have Bryston 7b's, which have both balanced and single ended rca's on the back.

I think I can simply use rca's OR run this somehow balanced, but I don't remember seeing any cables that go from two rca's down to one balanced XLR.

Thanks for any feedback
Just a guess!

If the quote is correct, each RCA jack has either the correct phase or the inverted phase. Seems to me that you would listen to one pair plugged in to the RCA jacks on your amp, then listen to the other pair and choose the pair that sounds best. OTOH, polarity will change based on how the source is recorded (+/- phase), personally I don't have a system where it is easy to switch phase so I don't.