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J Pesonen

Ascent i crossover modification


I was wondering if anyone has modified Ascent i's low frequency level circuitry? In my case -3dB is way too much at the moment, but flat is pretty ok. Now, I am thinking of buying a subwoofer for my system and would like to experiment with different levels of bass attenuation with it. So if anyone has modified the circuit or has the schematics for the crossover please let me know.
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Hi again,

I managed to open up my loudpeakers, because the terminals were loose and needed tightening.

So, it seems like the attenuation circuit is just two 4 ohm resistors in parallel - no problem at all.

Anyway, I was quite shocked to find out that there was a 270uF electrolytic in paraller with the bass driver! Other caps seem to be good quality, allthough there is always better ones I guess (ie. Jensen paper-oil).

Anyway, I will not post the picture here (because it's quite large) but check it out here:

Any comments or suggestions how to modify very much appreciated!
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