Anyone want free parts from a working clsiiz internal power board?

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Oct 27, 2009
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Madison, WI
I am so grateful that Martin Logan supports their speakers. I had an issue with a power cord this past summer that I wrongly diagnosed as a problem with a clsiiz panel. It was my error.
After discussion with Martin Logan, I purchased an internal power board from Martin Logan for the clsiiz. In addition, I expect a new replacement panel pair in the next few days that also was ordered by my error in analysis.
This event triggered my asking my helper to update all my internal power boards only because they are older. He was happy to do this work even though it was not a repair. I was told by my electronics helper that the internal power supplies of the clsiiz use the same board as on other Martin Logan speakers and he feels that the capacitors and other parts may be interchangeable in the hands of someone who is professional enough to know electronics at this level of work. If anyone who is electronically capable I would mail these parts to them.
It would be great if you paid me back for the shipping cost if you are overseas, but no cost for the parts that came out of a working clsiiz network box internal power board. That is not a prerequisite of mailing to you.


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Duke I just realized it's the small parts you don't need, I thought a board needing repair. Please excuse, sorry for the confusion.