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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Artist / Title: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Amadeus – Soundtrack
Year of Release: 1984
Record Label: Fantasy
Genre: Classical

In my college, ‘Music Appreciation’, course I learned Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was the greatest musical genius the world has ever seen. My instructor informed us, that the complexity and measured abilities of W.A. Mozart’s music, have caused academic experts to contemplate his IQ, at above 220, or off the scale.
There is one of his musical compositions (I have forgotten which one), which has been proven to increase mathematical intelligence, if you listen to it just prior to taking a mathematics exam. Well, I do not know about all of that and truthfully, I could care less… All I know is, W.A. Mozart’s music, seems like it was divinely inspired. The compositions chosen for the feature film / soundtrack were gorgeous, beautiful and incredible… :D W.A. Mozart’s life was brief, 1756-1791, he died destitute and unmourned, but left a rich and prolific wealth of musical compositions for all of us to enjoy. Mozart’s fertility and inventiveness seemed to multiply with age. In his short lifetime composed in all forms of music at once. His 626 compositions include 23 operas, 20 masses, 49 symphonies, 27 piano concertos, 45 sonatas for piano and violin, 29 string quartets, 17 piano sonatas, 66 arias, 29 sets of orchestral dances, many pieces for diverse winds, and two fantasias for the barrel of a musical clock. Simply mind boggling...

The “Amadeus” original soundtrack recording was brought to life for the ‘double CD set’ and the film, by the wonderful, “Academy Of St. Martin-In-The-Fields” conducted by the incomparable Neville Marriner.
To quote Neville Marriner, “My main concern in “Amadeus” is that the music should be presented faultlessly, not just technically, but as a perfect complement to what is on the screen. You can’t cut the music to fit the film. One of the good things about “Amadeus” was that the film was shot around the music – not the other way around as is usually the case.”

I play the 'Amadeus soundtrack' to just, kicked-back for the sheer listening pleasure of it all… :D I knew, after seeing the beautiful film, I had to own the soundtrack CD. Wonderfully, eighteen of the twenty tunes were composed by, W.A. Mozart, for this soundtrack. My personal favorite tunes are: “Concerto for Two Pianos”, “The Marriage of Figaro, Act III Ecco la Marcia”, “The Marriage of Figaro, Act IV Ah Tutti Contenti”, “Zaide; aria”, “Requiem K 626” and finally, “Piano Concerto in D minor, K 466; 2nd movement (Romanza)”

Classical soundtracks of this caliber and performed so outstandingly by “The Academy of St. Martin-In-The-Fields” under the musical direction of the great Neville Marriner, are a rare experience, but definitely a must for everyone. I simply love the musical dynamics of this CD as played through my ML system. I think you will too… :D

Enjoy this great music.




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