Aeon i plastic strips?

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Hey all, newbie here and love the site. I have aquestion on the clear strips on the back of the Aeon stat panels. Do they affect sound in any way. What happens when you remove them? Thx all.

The following is a quote from my Aerius i manual (which also uses the plastic strips:

"The clear Lexan panels on the back of the Aerius i stator are the key elements of an innovative pressure compensating technology. Martin-Logan is able to tone-shape the diaphragm + or - 6db without the use of an insertion loss crossover. The advantage of this system is a high efficiency driver with wide bandwidth capabilities of dimensions which are easily integrated into a domestic environment."

Whew! I can't figure out what it means, technically, either. And it looks like Martin-Logan may not know too :) since they left this paragraph out of subsequent manuals.

Practically, what it means is: Leave them alone!
Thx, the main reason I ask is i find the speaker a little bright and abrasive at some frequencies. I did not see these on the larger stats and also dont hear the brightness. My room is not overly bright so I have to assume its the strips! Thanks for the reply. Chris.