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This Is My First Post In This Forum. I Just Bought A Ml Descent Subwoofer; Which I Will Use With My Ml Request. I Am Planning To Set It Up This Weekend. I Need Recomendations For:

1. How To Break In The Subwoofer? What Cd I Must Play? And How Many Hours?

2. What Interconnects Are The Best?

Your Advice Will Be Appreciated. Thanks
Congratulations on a great sub!

As far as iinterconnects you can use what you are currently using. There is a great amount of discussion regarding interconncts here as well as everywhere else on the internet. For a sub, IMHO, I believe it is more of personal preference and a continuation of what you are using. Is it as critical as the rest of the system, well in reality sure, but not as noticable. Having said all of this doubletalk I would look at a few things. How long of a run will it be and how much are you willing to spend. Typically I have found that sub interconnects tend to run a bit longer than others and for me this was a consisderable determining factor because of cost. :eek:

Any source will work for the sub. Of course the more bass in the frequency range which the sub is configured for always helps. For me, it took about a month of playing my Depth where I used it on an average of an hour a day. On the weekends it was more. It will be "tight" right now and will produce "more" sound as it breaks in. There is also "your tweaking" of the sub which can take a few days or so until you get it set the way you like it within your room.

My best advise on this would be just to play your "stuff" and enjopy it and before you know it you will say "damn!!!" that sounds really good! :D


First of all, Welcome to the, Martin Logan Owners Club! It is great to have you aboard! I am proud to say, that I love my, ML Descent, Subwoofer. It has wonderful mellow, smooth deep bass. The Descent, as you know, is a servo controlled subwoofer and very, very fast too. It is the perfect match for all of my ML electrostatic speakers. The break-in time is about 20-30 hours, for a new Descent. I played mostly DVD movies, with alot of effects, to break-in, my Descent. I also played CD's with alot of deep bass sound like, Ray Brown's, "Super Bass" and "Ray Brown's - Live at StarBucks"... For interconnects I would highly recommend for you, to check out the awesome recent thread, on this forum:

"Nordost Interconnect Flavors...", by "DTB300" (Dan, is a Senior Member) on the, "Main Discussion", part of this forum. It is a wonderful dicussion about the interconnects. I personally (currently) use, "Monster Cable", for subwoofers, interconnects with my, Descent. But, after reading / participating, in the thread, which I recommended to you, above.... I'm now concidering, changing to higher quality, better sounding kind of interconnect cable, in the future. I'm concidering, "Nordost -Blue Heaven". It is all part of my, "Up-graditis", which I am happily afflicted...

Anyway, I hope I could be of help... and it's good to have you as a contributing member of this ML Club forum.