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Jul 12, 2005
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Has anyone used an Adcom 555II with the Summit speakers yet? I'll try this until I get a chance to look for a newer amp.
Later I looked at some amps and preamps, anybody tried Parasound? The A21 amp looks like it would work great and while I'm running up the credit card why not get the P3 preamp.
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I don't think any members have posted about actually owning the Summits yet
so Congrats! on maybe being the first.
That said, it will be difficult for people to recommend amps based on actual experience with the Summit, I am driving my Prodigies with a Bryston 4B SST and couldn't be happier.
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Never been a fan of Adcom with Martin Logan's myself. But if it will get you going and you can upgrade it later, go for it. :rolleyes:
Just for the record, the guy who turned me on to MLs said that he drove his Prodigys and Sequals (not at the same time of course) with a Adcom 555 and said the results where excellent despite what some people think of Adcom amps in general.

Disclaimer: I have never heard any of the above equipment so I am just going on someone else's opinion BUT he did turn me onto MLs (even after having owned B&Ws, Managepans, and Revels) so I think that opinion does carry some weight.
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Sorry, didn't mean to imply I had Summits now. Have Adcoms now, will order Summits soon. Wanted to know how Adcoms might work with them. Plan to get newer amp, maybe Parasound. Didn't ML demo with high-dollar Parasounds?