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Man oh man, just when I told my wife I thought we should cool it on spending for a while. I'm jonesing pretty bad for a center channel, but I just don't believe a closeout Cinema should be $1300. Seems I've seen them lightly used for less than $1k. The $600 Frescoes look like they might be a better deal... anyone want to talk me into or out of matching them with Odysseys (system #58)?
Maybe you can be talked INTO them. I've used Frescos for about a year and a half as rear channels to compliment Ascent is. The major problem here was space and I find the Frescos totally satisfactory. I don't know how they'll integrate with my soon-to-be acquired Summits, but I'll report when I have more info. (Depth sub,FYI.)
Oh, twist my arm, why don't you. I guess I'll be trying to pick up some extra work - some things are worth it.
DTB300 said:
Mosaic, Fresco, Depth, Grotto, Decent, Aeon, Script, Clarity - Almost the full line of ML speakers posted for sale...

Here is a link to the person/company selling them - Located in Indianapolis


Also there is a pair of Ascents for $10.00 - What a deal!!! Has to be a typo or scam :)

I sent this seller an email asking to look at this stuff in person. He has responded but has very limited hours so I don't think he is a full blown retailer. I happen to live in a suburb of Indy. I am out of town on a business trip but will try and go by and see his inventory in person soon. I know the retailer in Indy for ML and did not buy my MLs from them. They are known as "Ovation audio and video". They push the HT stuff mostly. I could get MLs for a much, much better price from a retailer out of state including the shipping cost. This retailer will not let you home audition anything and does not carry in stock much of the ML line for you to even hear in their stores. They do ML no justice what so ever. They push Klipsch over anything else. I think it might be because Klipsch is also based in Indy. I'll put up another post once I have seen this guys stuff.
Oh my goodness! This guy just emailed me back and he is one of the owners of "Ovation"! Holy crap batman! He is trying to blow this stuff out saying he is selling it for 10% over cost! I told him I was out till Friday and he said most of it is already gone! They have four stores in Indy and he has assembled it all at one store. I heard a local rumor that the ML line might be moving and perhaps he is trying to dump all of his inventory. I was interested in the Descent he had on audiogon and that listing has already been taken down. Geeze, I hope he doesn't read this forum!
I missed it too.

I was thinking about his Descent too. I saw the add at lunch and by the time I got home the add was removed from the site. I'm always the last shark to feeding frenzy.
Jeff look at the 3rd.

Saw the Statements earlier this week.

Jeff Z might be interested in the third link. :D
Kruppy & Mark,
You are both dogs!!! :rolleyes:
I did look at the link and although she looks great I am sure the seller will not take payments and there is always a catch if you read the enitre thing you can see the "ML" would be intermittant or nonexistant :D
Beside my dog does not talk and loves me uncondiontionally:eek:

Jeff :cool:
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Jeff Zaret said:
Kruppy & Mark,
You are both dogs!!! :rolleyes:
I did look at the thirs link and although she looks great I am sure the seller will not take payments. :D

Jeff :cool:

Geeze! About time you responded to this thread! Now I can go to bed!

LOL!!! :D
bullet bitten

K, I snapped up one of Hifivic's Frescoes. Thanks to Dan for the tip. Wish their Cinema(s) had been a bit cheaper, but for the size of my room & budget I think this will do just fine. I'm still pretty much in the "Don't know what I'm missing / ignorance is bliss" stage anyway.

Speaking of which, here's a stupid newbie question: where do I get a single run of speaker wire? Will my local Nordost dealer (yet to be identified) sell a single channel of Blue Heaven to match what I'm using on my mains?

MarkNewbie said:
Am in EST right now. On another business trip so it is almost 11:00pm here.

Speaking of 11pm EST, that's when the dude decided to call & get my payment info. :eek: Strange business hours, but whatever. Can't wait til I can stop lip-synching all the dialogue on the DVD's I watch. :D
Told you it was a stupid question. :rolleyes:
This looks about right to me; it's longer than I need and it's not a precise match with my L&R mains, but it's pretty dern close, and the same goes for the speakers themselves anyway. And the price is certainly right... Usedcables has a pair going for several times what this is being sold for.

Dan, I should be sending you a finder's fee. (But I'm not gonna :) )