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Anthony A.

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Jan 2, 2005
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i have read all of the threads in the "old" forum about speaker cables and bi-wiring, etc. i currently own ascent i's which are bi-wireable. my question is this: is it a bad idea to use 2 separate runs of speaker cable (to each of the speaker binding posts) but at the amp end, place the two together at one set of binding posts (using spades of course)? will this cause bad contact with the amps posts? or what about having one set of cables with spades and the other with banana plugs, using the single binding post on the amp? i hope i am not confusing anyone?

if this is bad, is bi-wiring the next best option? thanks.
Biwire options

Shouldn't be a problem as long you have solid connections. I've done it with my speakers but usually have a banana/spade combination on the amp end. I've even used two different types of wires to bi-wire but eventually went back to a dedicated biwire setup.
yeah, well the reason i ask is because some companies do not use 2 runs of cable (in 1 outer jacket) for bi-wire applications. the ones that do are essentially doing the same thing i am talking about. are there any sonic advantages to my approach, or should bi-wiring be close enough?
First of all, it is not a bad idea. I ran my Sequel IIs like that for awhile and it was fine. I would use banana plugs or some type of connector of your choice. I did eventually do a passive bi-wire on my Sequels and did hear a little bit of a difference. It appeared they were more seamless between the panel and the woofer.
In any event you can't hurt anything by asking and trying.

Good Luck

great, thanks. i will try it out and see what happens.
The greatest difference in my case was in the QUALITY of cabling, not bi-wiring per se. I would use a single cable run of good quality cables to the panels and make a link with the same cable to the bass unit.
Its not a bad idea if you find it improves over what you currently have. You won't hurt anything by trying. I found a cable that does well on bass by biwiring the way you described. I used a double run of nordost flatlines for the top and a single straightwire rhapsody for the bottom. The result was more pronounced bass (a good thing in my case). The top end was just ok, no real significant change from the Monster Cables M1.4 Biwire setup other than improved bass. Highs and Mids were no better. Feel free to expeiriment just don't get crazy.
i just don't know how good the contact will be, especially having to squeeze 2 spades into 1 binding post. i wonder if the best solution is to use 1 wire with spades and the other with banana plugs. through experience, is the 2 spade connectors firm enough in regards to contact?