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Jan 2, 2005
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i have a pair of SL3's and as you know you have a set of binding posts for the upper freq.'s and a set for the lower freq.'s with a jumper in between the two. if you are going to run a single set of wire which binding posts should you use the upper or the lower. thanks.
Apparently according to Richard Black from Hi Fi Choice magazine, upper frequencies are more susceptical to corruption than lower frequencies. So go with the upper connectors.
It really doesn't matter as long as they are jumpered. I have a set of Sequel II's and it does not matter. If you were bi-wiring or bi-amping then there are differences.
There are a few things you can try. If they are the original jumpers you can change them. I tried some heavy twisted copper that I made for jumpers and it as a slight difference in sound or you could try some of you speaker cable that may also may a difference.
If your amp has two sets of outputs you could try bi-wiring. That made a noticeable difference on my Sequel's. It was not a eye-opening but more definition and maybe separation between the woofer and the panel.
Give it a try but remember your mileage may vary. :D

Good Luck

When I tried Bi-Wiring on my Sequels's, like Jeff, there was a slight improvement. But if you can Bi-Amp them, there you will see a nice improvement.

It really doesn't matter as long as they are jumpered.

Same here. The signal has to go through a crossover so it will not make a difference. Just use which ever one is easiest.