The Triplets of Belleville

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Feb 11, 2005
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• Artist and/or Title: The Triplets of Belleville
• Year of Release: May 4, 2004
• Film Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
• Genre: Comedies, Foreign Films, French, Animation, Comedy, Surreal, • Period Piece, Theatrical Release, Essential Cinema
• Detailed review of recording: A real treat to listen to on ML speakers, and it's not a film just for the kids.
In this animated French film, a boy named Champion trains relentlessly for the Tour de France, with the help of his loyal grandmother and overweight dog, Bruno (who loves to bark at passing trains). When the big race comes, Champion and a few of his fellow racers are kidnapped by some box-shouldered thugs who spirit them off to Belleville (a surreal impression of 1930s-1950s Manhattan) where they are forced to pedal as part of a clandestine gambling operation. Bruno and Grandma set out across the sea in a paddle boat to rescue their boy, but once ashore they soon become lost, hungry and penniless--that is, until the frog-eating Triplets of Belleville, former scat-singing jazz prodigies turned experimental musicians, come to their rescue.

Filled with inspired, twisted imagery, this nearly dialogue-free film is a crowd-pleaser of unusual power, with the strange, measured pacing of a dream, and a great soundtrack of bizarre, alternate-reality '30s jazz. It also offers a touching and believable evocation of a dog's life. A great throwback to the time before animation became dominated by CGI effects, TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE is a very strange, very loving, and very French salute to obsession, affection, and persistence.


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