The lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Extended Ed.)

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May 9, 2005
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The Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Extended Ed.)

Title: The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy (Special Extended DVD Edition)
Year of Release: 2004
Film Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Genre: Fantasy/Action Adventure

Peter Jackson's, "Lord of the Rings"(LOTR) -Trilogy (Extended DVD Edition) is probably the most detailed and ambitiously undertaken motion picture trilogy mounted to date. IMHO, Peter Jackson, brought the books of J.R.R. Tolkien's LOTR to life, and to the big screen in full glory and magic. Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, wrote a great screenplay, adapting Tolkien's work for three epic, monumental movies. I thought, all of the actor's did wonderful performances in all three films. The varied and rich, diverse fantasy characters / creatures were a challenge for each actor. However, my personal favorite actor was, Ian McKellen. His portrayal of Gandalf the Gray / Gandalf the White, was spot-on, to what my minds eye had imagined (form my reading of the books). Ian McKellen, was somehow able to portray Gandalf, as a magical leader and as a kind gentle soul too. I was just beautifully amazing... Several of the character's were mostly CGI creations, like 'Golum' and 'Tree Beard'..., just amazing.

The extended versions, of the LOTR - Trilogy were actually my favorite versions of these films. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the originally released movie versions, but I very much preferred the extended versions. The reasons, I liked the extended versions better are as follows:

1). The films are more complete and truer to the original books. For instance, "The Fellowship of the Ring", has 30 minutes, fo additional footage included, making it 3 and a half hours long. "The Two Towers", has and additional 43 minutes, making it 3 hours and 42 minutes in length. "The Return of the King" has 50 minutes, added, making it a 4 hour and 11 minute film. All three films, watched from beginning to end and back to back would take a glorious 10 hours and 53 minutes. :D

2). The sound tracks are recorded in fantastic, "DTS-ES 6.1", sound. When played through my ML electrostatic speakers with my Descent, subwoofer, all I can say is WOW! ML speakers, make these truly awesome, dynamic films come to life. Much better than the old movie theater gear and speakers...

3). I just loved, the plentiful and wonderful, extra features on the bonus disc's. They were personal and very well done. The featurette's brought me into just how each of the films was conceived and brought to life, as well as, how it was made. As you will learn on the extra features, the LOTR - Trilogy was lovingly brought to life, by the very talented men and women most of whom worked for the "Weta Work Shop", in New Zealand.

These three great films took several years of constant commitment and artistry to bring, to the silver screen..., and now, happily on DVD in the extended versions... I think, it was great of the. "Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences", to honor the finial film, "The Return of the King", with 12 Oscars.

IMHO, The LOTR - Trilogy Extended DVD Editions should be apart of every Library / Collection. :D




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