System #15 (Aeon i, Theater i, Script i, Fresco, Depth)

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1.Ryan Richardson
2. SW FL.
3. Aeoni, Theateri, Scripti, Fresco, Depth
4. Year Purchased: 2004
5. N/A
6. B&K 507, B&K 3220, EAD DSP 7000 MKIII, Sony DVP CX850D, RCA Clearplay DVD, Analysis Plus cables, & connects, power oval for 507 avr
7. N/A


  • front3.jpg
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side surround


  • side surround.jpg
    side surround.jpg
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picture of scriptis


  • scripti.jpg
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The other side surround.


  • lakefresco.jpg
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Another of the side fresco


  • sidefresco2.jpg
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Right rear scripti. Is it right when it is behind you, or facing it?


  • rightrearscripti.jpg
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Another picture of the freso over the glass.


  • lakesidesurround.jpg
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With all that nice ML stuff, time to get a REAL fish tank :)

Nice setup...

Your making Gayle proud and richer with all those ML speakers !!!!!!!! Actually it must sound terrific, you have great speakers if you can keep yourself indoors long enough to enjoy them, "love those palm trees" especially when I live in the northeast during the middle of winter.
Thanks. I'm glad someone is getting rich. I know it's not me. 5 years ago we were fortunate to get into our house--we bought it before it was finished and finished it ourselves. We are very happy and fortunate! We say how God has blessed us every day. Now, only five years later we would never be able to afford it in our town. We couldn't even afford the property now, property just keeps climbing and climbing. Now in our county, it costs $25,000 before you even do anything--county impact fees. Taxes will probably eventually drive us out. Anyway, I'm very happy with it. The only thing for me besides tweaks is which universal player I am going to settle on within my budgette. Also, I am hoping in 2, or 3 years my wife will let me update to an HD set. We have twin boys coming, so we may never be able to buy anything again:)

very nice setup and sound wise i am sure it is very rewarding. congratulations on the twin boys you will never be sorry you had children they are wonderful, mine are out of the house and married with their on lives to live but i still miss them. i know it is early but wait till you have grandchildren oh my! good luck.
I have now moved my Frescos down at least a foot and toward the listener about 6 inches--big difference. Also, the Theater is on top of the entertainment center.