Sunfire Amp & Nordost/HT cable questions.

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I am so excited that I found this forum. I was searching the net to find info on the Prodigy/Odyssey replacement and came upon this forum.

Currently, I am using Aeon's for my main speakers and the Cinema center channel. I will be upgrading very shortly and am debating several different set-ups/configurations.

I have the opportunity to buy a set of floor model Odyssey's for around $5,000 from an authorized dealer here in AZ. I am thinking of buying them along with the Theater I center channel and the Descent subwoofer, and moving my Aeon's to the rear of my 5.1 system. Is this a good price?

My current power setup is the Sunfire Cinema Grand 5x200 amp with the Theater Grand II processor. I am thinking about buying a Sunfire Signature 600 stereo amp and using it to bi-wire the Odyssey's for the front channels and then using the Cinema Grand to power all the other channels. I will probably be buying the Theater Grand III processor for the new 7.1 setup.

What are everyone's thoughts about this possible setup? Should I stick with Sunfire, or perhaps try out another alternative?

I have also heard excellent things about Nordost cables. However, the only dig I have heard is that they can be too "bright". Is this a bad thing with an Electrostatic panel? Also, has anyone had experience with HT cables with the Logan's?

All of your suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated. I saw the picture of the new Summit and think I may have to wait before I commit to the Odyssey's! :rolleyes:
Nordost or Goertz cables...

I definitely think wide, flat cables with very low inductance such as Goertz or Nordost work best with full range electrostats -I think they preserve the timing better and give more "bloom" and better dynamic contrast. I don’t know for sure, but I would think the same would apply to Martin Logan hybrids.

I used Nordost SPM Reference and find it to be the best price/performance compromise, but I admit that I have not used the lower priced Nordost cables. The tonal balance on the Nordost cables tends to be a bit thin (and most electrostats could use a bit more body and warmth). If you believe the hype then Nordost Valkrye/Valhalla would be the ultimate choice as they are supposed to be much, much better than SPM Reference. However, for a lower cost alternative, I recommend Goertz AG2 (which I owned before my SPM Ref) or AG3. Their copper cables have a bit less resolution than the silver cables (or the Nordost for that matter), whereas the Goertz AG2/3 silver cables combine very good resolution with very good bass (which not all silver cables have).


I've recently upgraded my cables for my MLs to Nordost Blue Heaven.

Of all the cables I auditioned, the only ones to make a huge improvement were from the Nordost range. As mentioned above, SPM reference are truly amazing cables, but the cost is also truly amazing!

I also found the Transparent Music Wave Plus to be a real disappointment, after all the good things I'd heard about it.

So, my recommendation has to be Nordost, although if you go above Blue Heaven the price will start to get really crazy!



While I am not all too familiar with Nordost cables, I am very familiar with Sunfire products. I currently own a Theater Grand III Pre-Pro and a Cinema Grand Signature Series II amp. While mixing and matching a pre-pro and amp can be done successfully, it can sometimes take a bit of trial and error to get the best match for your system. I have tried various amp/pre-pro combinations in the past and have found that it's usually best to go with an amp of the same brand as the Pre-Pro. They were designed to work well and more importantly sound well together.

The wrong amp can either make things sound too warm or too bright. If you do decide that you want to go with an amp other than Sunfire, I would highly recommend that you listen to it very carefully in your setup first. As long as you trust your ears you'll never go wrong. :) BTW that's a great setup that you've got right now, and if you do upgrade to a Theater Grand III, I think you're really going to love it (been using mine for nearly 2 yrs now and I am totally pleased with it).

Thanks for all your input on the Nordost cables and the Sunfire amps/processors. I think Blue Heaven is going to be the way to go for me. My wife loves the fact that I can run them under the carpet! :p

I am actually also looking at buying some Nordost video cables. Anyone have experience with them? I am looking at the OPTIX component video for my DVD to Mitsubishi connection and the MoonGlo digital interconnect from my DVD to Processor.

Thanks again for all your input!
I'm using a Sunfire Cinema Grand II 220x5 with a B&K Ref 50. The combo works great with my Ascents, Aeons and Cinema. It also sounds excellent in 2 channel direct for a stereo music not to mention SACDs and DVD-As. I use twin (shotgun cables) for the 2 mains so I can take advantage of the current output to the panels and voltage output to the woofers. I'm very happy with the system and can only imagine how an upgrade to Odysseys, a Theatre center and Signature Sunfire and would sound.

Good Luck with whatever you decide,