Stator Breakin procedure???

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Mar 15, 2005
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Hi Everyone,
Well, My Replacement Stators arrived this morning for my Quest's.
I had them installed in about 30 mins :eek:

I have fired them back up, and MAN, I am back in HT Heaven. :D
What a gain in volume level compared to the original stators. I gained 18dB.
I took a measurement with the test tones in my DSP-A1 before and after.

So well overdue replacement, although not bad for Stators that were 14 years old. I am going to have a play with the membrane in the original stators. See if anything can be done to bring them back.

I am running them at the moment, but how is the best way to break them in??

Is music the best way?
At what type of volume level??

Now I can get back to the Tweaks for the Quest and my Aerius i's :cool:

Appreciate any Feedback
Moderately high levels when the house is empty, and moderate when you are there. When the time comes that you only hear music when you turn the system on, the speakers are broken in, your electronics are broken in and your ears have determined that they really do like what they are hearing.

Have fun...
White noise, white heat

Static from the tuner at moderate volume when not there, very low volume at night; 24 hours/day if possible. If you have a cheesy old SS receiver, this is fine. Music in between, but don't expect much for several days. Keep this going for two weeks or more. You will know.
I don't remember why, but I think I remember running an AVIA disc with the full pink noise on repeat at moderate volume for a few days when I first got my speakers.
Thanks for the replies,
I am running them with Pink noise pretty much all the time, when I am not listening to music. :D

They have already started to sound smoother and not so agressive from the first power up.

Appreciate the comments