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Feb 17, 2005
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I know that there has been much discussion / debate over speaker placement but please refresh my memory. Have a pair of aeon i that have been traded for some Oddysey's. Has any posts delt with the Difference of speaker placement between various ML Speakers ????

Bob J
As a shot, the first thing I would do is put the Oddessy's in the same place as the Aeon i's were sitting. If possible the same angle too. There is mention of aligning the "angle" in the Tweak Section from Jim Power at ML, aka as the flashlight technique. I have used this with success with my Sequel II's and somewhat successful with my CLSiiZ's although they are a different animal altogether. :eek:

Simple things to accomplish are creating a triangle with you as one point and the speakers as the other points ensuring you are sitting equal distance from the speakers. The distance you sit does not have to be the same as the distance between the speakers. Every room is different so there will be comprimises.

Your Oddessy's are larger than the Aeon i's so rear placement (space from your speaker to the rear wall) is important as well as the side walls and maybe more power..........eventually. :rolleyes:

The best thing is to experiment, be patient and always trust your ears. :D

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In my experience, the bigger the panels, the larger the listening distance and distance from the front wall to the speakers needs to be. With the Aeons, 3 feet is fine measured from the front of the speaker to the front wall. With the Odyssey, you might need an additional foot of clearance for the sound to really open up and achieve nice depth of field.