Sequel IIs with resonant bass buzz from crossover cover

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Feb 5, 2006
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Mine since new in I think 1989.This has happened intermittently since I got them- the dealer (George Merrill of turntable fame) gave me some sound deadening sheets which I used for years (with bricks) but have lost. I took off the cover to inspect the caps and components and it seems worse since. Tightening the cover screws back to TIGHT hasn't helped. Any suggestions as to dampening materials for the cover? Not familiar with modern materials. Thanks!
Ah, the good ol' resonant bass buzz issue. It's a pesky problem, especially with vintage gear like your Sequel IIs. Since you've already inspected the caps and components, you might want to try a modern damping solution.

A popular choice is acoustic foam or damping mats, easily found online or at an audio shop. You could cut them to fit the crossover cover. There's also Dynamat, often used in car audio to reduce vibrations, which could work well here.

Remember, you don't want to go too thick as it may affect the sound negatively. Starting with something thin and building up if needed might be the way to go.