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Feb 11, 2005
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Artist: Paolo Conte
Title: Nonesuch
Year of Release: 1998
Record Label: Elektra
Genre: Jazz
Detailed review of recording:

Paolo Conte is a completely original talent, and his leathery, life-weary face on the cover is the first clue to the evocative music of this poet, painter, musician, and lawyer from Asti in northern Italy. Observations on the tide of human existence deftly rendered in vividly poetic lines that startle with their originality are highlighted in smoky vignettes of '40s jazz- and tango-inflected tunes, teetering between Cabaret, The Circus, and 42nd Street. Conte's unfiltered raspy voice is the perfect vehicle for his poignant view of the foibles of adult life mused from the corner barstool, admiring women whose "pungent smells [beckon] him like an old-fashioned grocery, its doors flung open to the spring outside." The music is a treat in itself, but the real gold is to be found in his lyrics, and luckily translations are in the liner notes.

*I found this particular CD difficult to find and had to order it through Amazon.


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No music collection can be complete without at least a couple of his CD's, and the Concert at the Arena di Verona in DVD is mandatory. ( - make sure you can play PAL DVD's. I've been waiting to reach sonic synergy before playing his CD's, and ... I'm in paradise. In about 400 jazz CD's, his music fills shamelessly the top ten.