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Jul 17, 2005
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Following my recent purchase of Aeon i, and Cinema i, It is quickly becoming apparent to me that a receiver upgrade will now happen sooner than l8tr. I am currently powering the Aeoni's with a vintage Carver M400t amp, which seems to do the trick, but now I want to step up a notch or two...or three from my HK AVR65 receiver, which i am convinced is treating my ML's like cinderella before she made it to the ball. My budget at this time may not allow for seperates, so I have been looking at several options ideally under $2500.

Rotel RSX-1067
Arcam AVR300
Or if ebay presents a can't pass opportunity:
Mcintosh MX119
Or even Sunfire Ultimate Receiver II
Although both likely pipedreams at this point.

I think I can officially state, I have now put one foot into the exiting, Highend universe of Home theater, and my wallet will never be the same! :eek:

Any creative thoughts, advice and recomendations are greatly appreciated.

I look forward to threading with all of you!
Welcome to the forum Richg.

I am presuming that you are building a HT set-up, as opposed to a 2-channel setup. Is that correct?

If so, here's an interesting write up on HT.

Apart from what your ears tells you is the best, be sure to pay attention to how many, "current peak to peak amps" this receiver or amp produces. It's a very important factor for ML speakers. I would also try to get something with at minimum 200 wpc.

Good luck and let us know when you're ready to talk about speaker cables :)
Are you something 90% movies and 10% music?

I am 10% movies and 90 % music, which mean I seperated out my two systems making life a little less compromising.

You have a lot of options, that Carver amp has a lot of drive, not as delicate as the Adcom's nor as detailed as the Rotel's of the same vintage though - but it Rocks.

If you purchased a ROTEL RSP-1066 preamp processor or it's current equal (last years model number), you might be able to use the reciever as a tuner, and hook up three amps to it (Carver for surrounds?).

To do this on budget, you might purchase demo or used equipment. Many high-end stores take trade-in's and sell some used stuff...............that's how I outfitted my H.T. setup.
Sorry, should have mentioned that I am 50/50 movies and music. (although after buying these speakers, I am buying more CDs :) . This is why I am considering Surround Sound AVs, and not considering a seperate amp purchase, at least imediately, because of the Carver I have.

Here are the specs out published in the manual on the Carver m400t (sad to say, this will mean more to you guys than to me at this point):

Power output: 201 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms from20Hz to 20kHz with no more than .5% total Harmonic distorion.

Power at Clipping: 250 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms at 1kHz. 300 Watts RMS per channel into 4 ohms at 1 kHz. 500 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms at 1kHz.

The Aeons are 4 ohms, right? Sufficient to drive thes speakers, right? leaving the Carver in the setup, need to know where to go next.

Sugarmedia, i do have quesitons on cables...not ready yet though. :eek:
I think you can get into the separate market a little easier than you expect. I got into separates a couple of years ago for around $2500 with a Rotel 1066 and a 1075. Granted the 1075 may be slightly underpowered for your setup but it would give you a good starting point. Down the line if you need to upgrade the amp the Rotel stuff holds it value very well.

Hey Richg,

I agree with kach22 and would also look into some used/demo equipment. 2500.00 is a good chunk of change, why not stretch it?

To give you an example, my cdp and amp are now listed on audiogon. Evidently, this family just had a baby and needed the extra cash... so there are definitely some good deals to be found.

As far as Rotel, there are a few on here that have that brand, but in my audition tests, they did leave the Aeons underpowered.

You may also decide to stay with the Carver and add a Preamp to it. The Carver's that I have heard were powering some pretty hefty mirage speakers and seemed to do so with ease.

Blue Circle, is another brand that a few on here swear by. Haven't heard them, but perhaps you can find a demo somewhere.

Lots to think about, huh?

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Needless to say a dainting task trying to find the right combination. First and foremost, you have set a budget and you must realize that it is an estimate.

Now having said that I can relate to you a bit of insight with Rotel equipment. I think I am one of the few who has a few pieces of Rotel. They are all separates which affords me the luxury of upgrading a piece at a time. I had their preamp which was good. I upgraded that to a Conrad Johnson preamp the difference was eye opening. It was not that the Rotel preamp was bad but the CJ opened up a whole new soundscape and dimension I did not know existed.

Ok as far as amps I stand alone on this. I have the "big" Rotel 2-channel amp and it has no problem powering my CLS's at all as well as my Depth. I basically have a 2 channel system and a HT integrated but are actually separate pieces. The Rotel amp is a hard one to beat for the price and performance. I think I would have to at least triple the price of the Rotel amp to hear a little difference and for me I will spend it elsewhere. :)

Everything is a compromise. If you can pre-out of your receiver into a more power amp start there. If you can also pre-out to a separate preamp of "higher" quality do that. Do it in stages, small steps that way you minimize the "DOH" affect of......... I should of gone this way..........

Read a lot, ask a ton of questions, audition equipment and do not rule out used pieces.

I would plan your changes over a period of time, like the rest of the summer, that way you can decide, have fun and maybe increase the WAF.

We are all here to help so ask a bunch of questions cause we all have opinions


Good Luck

Jeff :cool: