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Apr 4, 2005
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San Antonio, Texas
Artist - Matt Bianco (featuring Basia)
Title - Matt's Mood
Year of Release - 2005
Record Label - Decca
Genre - jazz

First off, Matt Bianco is the name of a group, not a person, and the trio's 1984 debut album, "Whose Side Are You On?," went platinum. That didn't prevent the threesome from splitting up before they could even tour together. Basia Trzetrzelewska, the group's female singer, had her eyes on a solo career, and she took Matt Bianco keyboardist Danny White with her to create four albums under the single name Basia. Male singer Mark Reilly recruited a new keyboardist, Mark Fisher, and recorded eight more albums under the Matt Bianco moniker.

Last year Trzetrzelewska, White and Reilly reunited to co-write and co-produce a new Matt Bianco album, "Matt's Mood," and this spring they're touring as a trio for the first time.

Matt's Mood is flavored with jazz, bossa nova and "Quiet Storm" R&B. This one is great all the way through and does not get old after repeated plays. Check out some of the sound bites on Amazon. From the opening number "Ordinary Day" with Basia's smooth vocals to the rhythm of "Slip & Sliding", this album will make your ML's come to life.


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