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I am currently in the design phase of my basement home theater. Due to structures already down there I was thinking about putting 45 degree angled walls directly behind my Areius i's. I was wondering if anyone has their MLs set up like this and if they have run into any acoustical problems?


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Logans are dificult enough to place on a straight wall , to get the right blend of bass and stereo image and ballance , never herd of any one doing it , might act like a quasi-horn deal , seems the center would be muddled ,
I contacted Martin Logan directly and this was their response:
Hello James,
You may run into a few acoustical problems with an angled wall. Its going to be hard to say to what degree or extent the problems will be, but realize that it IS an issue that may rear its head. I have never personally heard the Aerius on angled walls, but jsut using my knowledge of our products, I can tell you that they don't prefer it. This potential problem is something that you will have to work with. Try different toe-in angles, different spacing beteween the side and back walls, and/or the relation of your listening position. These are just a few things to "change" if you are experiencing problems with a 45 degree angle. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Joel Lopez

Joel Lopez
Inside Sales/Customer Support
MartinLogan Ltd.

Oh well, back to the drawing board....