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Jan 2, 2005
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Rochester, Michigan
Artist: Luka Bloom
Title: Turf
Year of Release: June, 1994
Record Label: Warner Brothers
Genre: Pop, I guess.

Luka Bloom is an electro-acoustic guitar player and singer from Ireland. Most of his earlier songs have limited accompanyment and really showcase his guitar work which started off in a much different finger plucking style than his current strumming style. This is the result of his continuous bout with tendonitus.

Turf is, I believe, Luka Bloom's third US release. At the time of it's release, it really detailed the maturity of his song craft. His songs range from stories of love (To Begin To), death (Sanctuary) and political righteousness (Freedom Song). His guitar work is always warm and inviting.

My personal favorites are To Begin To and Sunny Sailor Boy. I have also been lucky enough to see Luka live twice, once at a tiny little club in Ann Arbor, MI called the Blind Pig after or just before the release of Turf. For me this this disk is a reminder of a big change in my musical tastes.

The only negitive thing about this disk is that, I believe there were either two or three recording studios or multiple producers, which has become more discernable since getting my ML's.


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Luka Bloom is good stuff. I have his self titled LP (an Irish pressing) and the Accoustic Motorbike CD. Both are also highly recommended.
There's a bit more than that!

He's got a few more releases other than those. It's been a while, but at least 2 more full length studio recordings (the names escape me), 1 live cd (Amsterdam), an ep disk of very mellow stuff (something like Songs to Fall Asleep to) and a collection disk of his very early works (The Barry Moore Years, I think). I can't get enough of this guy's music.

I discovered him by accident while cranking through the cable channels and ended up on VH1 during the video of Delirious. Been hooked since.
The "Turf" disc you recommended was being used as a demonstration disc in one of the rooms at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest last September. I can't remember what room or equipment it was right now, but the music was fantastic!

I remember the cover, but haven't been able to find it locally. Now that I know the title I can find it online if nothing else. Thanks!
after reading your review on the turf album,figured i'd give it a try,always looking for new music.been listening to the album for the album especially the opening track cold comfort and black is the colour.

thanks for the review
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Kruppy said:
If you ever get a chance to see him live, do it. He puts on a great show.
I will try to do that Kruppy, especially now that I have picked up and listened to the "Amsterdam" disc. Great performances and very good sound on the Martin Logans.