How to measure ESL frequency response?

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Mar 13, 2024
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Munich, Germany
Dear all,

I'd like to measure the frequency response of my Aeon's panels. I have the basic equipment (REW, calibrated mic) and know how to measure conventional speakers. But how can I reliably measure Martin Logans? Center of panel, at what distance? Do I have to factor in the rear facing signal?

Thanks for your advice!

If looking to validate just the panel performance, you would want to do near-field measurements such that the majority of the signal hitting the mic is the front of the panel. Also, disconnect the woofer by removing the binding post straps for the measurement step.

For in-room measurements, I usually place the mic 3 meters from the speaker, and to see what I actually hear at the MLP, I place the mic at ear height over my seat. I use a tripod with a mic boom and an isolated (vibration-dampening) mic holder. Never put the mic on a surface that vibrates (like a leather chair).