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Apr 27, 2005
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hayes va
It's my first post and although it took me a few weeks to figure out how to log in (guess my log in info headed to me junk mail) I made it!! I'm also a brandy-new ML user and I'm sure I'e got tons to learn. I'm a frequent flier at many other BB's and I've been into the audio-nut hobby for many years but really silly the last 3 to 5 years. I'll cut and paste a couple of posts I made @ AR (Audio Review) a few days ago but I'm sure over the next week I'll have a few basic questions. Nice to be here and thanks for having me! Peace, Pogue

From AR

Looks like tommorrow I'll have a new set of ML's in the house...I'm picking up a full set of HT speaks....Prodigy's up front, theather center and scripts for rears...I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the center and rears because I'm really only into 2 channel....but we'll see. As far and the Prodigy's I'm going to listen to them in my room which is wayyyy too small (the best I can do for now is 9' from the listening position and 9' apart but nowhere near enough room on the sides nor the rear) and I'll see how it goes...then if I decide to keep 'em I'll be selling my Pdigms 100's...maybe to me brother in Cal if I can talk him into it I hope to have them crankin by tomorrow night and I'll keep ya'll up-to-date on how it's all working out....fun fun fun....


I played them last night and I did make some headway. First I've got a Cheskey set up CD and I used it for working on the toe-in amoung other things. I pretty comfortable that my toe-in at this point is 95% there but I was surprised to see how far off I was…As far as the bottom end I've got a good handle on that by using a test tone (a 100 Hz I think but I know these cross over @ 250 Hz but I used a second variable Ttone to detect room rattle) to find all the cancellation areas in which I only found one…funny thing is it’s right the doorway where you enter the room….so anybody walking in and not "coping a squat" would be standing in one of the biggest dead zones in the room. My seated position was just a tab bit strong but nothing I can’t live with. I’ve got quite a few sound absorbing panels which I can use if needed. I think what I’m hearing from last night is that although my stereo center is pretty much dead on I’m still hearing more information (or is seems) from the left channel. Nothing overwhelming but I can hear it. It's also the speaker side that has the most room on it’s outboard side (2’) as opposed to the right speakers outboard side has but a few inches to the wall. I think this will certainly make for some interesting tweaking in the coming months.

I must add that now that I’ve got several hours of critical listening I’m happy to report that because I’m listening more to the music (as opposed to the speakers) I’m very much enjoying them…female vocals are just astounding!!! I had a friend stop by and he stated (after 5 songs or so) that he’d never heard music sound so "real". And although he’d not what I would consider a "audio type" (e.g. a nut!) he is a fine musician (and has good ears) so that did mean alot to me. It’s always good to get that outside opinion especially when your really fixated on things getting set-up correctly you (we) tend to forgo listening to the music…so with all that said, they sound fantastic….still not 100% but they are real heavyweights!

As far as upgrading my other equipment I’ll have to wait on that…maybe next year or if something falls out of the sky I’ll consider it. I’m still hunting for that LP cleaner bargain…but that goes without saying....more to come

End of cut-

Well I'll just call it quites for now and post a few questions later...Peace, Pogue
Congrtatulations on the new speakers. :D If they are new give them at least 30 to 40 hours before you past judgement. It takes that long or sometimes longer to break them in. If they are used, I bought both my pairs used, give them about a week of "fiddling" and moving and listening. Also, look in the Tweak Section for Jim Power's "flash light" adjustment. This also may help fine tune and adjust your listening position.
As far as one side being louder, double check all you connections from the source, unplug and plug connectors. Also, get a tape measure out and check the angle from each side of the panels in relationship to the side wall and back wall as well as the center in there is a corner.

Just a few helpful hints and of course your mileage may very. :rolleyes:

Welcome aboard Pogue :D

Jeff is right, give your new ML's time to break in and see (hear) the dramatic changes that they make. The sound will become warmer and fuller with time and the highs will smooth out.

I'm sure if you go dedicated 2channel there will be a lot of people in line for your center and rears.
Thanks for the tips

Slowly but surely I'm tweaking them and getting improvemts each step of the way...I'll fill you in on a future post. BTW I am selling the front ans rears...I've got to concentrate on my 2 channel first. Peace, Pogue
thepogue said:
BTW I am selling the front ans rears...I've got to concentrate on my 2 channel first. Peace, Pogue

you are selling your scripts? hmmmm. i could use a second pair for rears....

In white...I've got a few intresed already but no firm commitments I'd say they are a strong 9 from the audiogon scale and for the most part just dusty from use otherwise great shape.

Peace, Pogue
thepogue said:
In white...I've got a few intresed already but no firm commitments I'd say they are a strong 9 from the audiogon scale and for the most part just dusty from use otherwise great shape.

alas my other logans are all black. sigh. thanks for the info, but i'll pass.