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One of the U.K. mags, HIFI News, has 30 speakers listed in their "Hot 100" shortlist pick of products this month. Prodigies, and Clarities both made the list. They were tested in this mag on 8/00, and 8/03 respectively.

How we rate it:
"A big hybrid electrostatic, and arguably ML's most successful, musically. MC found it had 'stature, presence and tonal accuracy...exceptional spatial qualities and fine sense of air'. If subtlety/refinement matter more than impact, this MartinLogan may be the one for you"

"This is another ML hybrid, capable of running in pure electrostatic mode, but also featuring a rear-mounted 25mm tweeter--for better off-axis sound dispersion--and a 200mm aluminium bass driver. Needs careful amp matching but a fanatastic loudspeaker!"