Eastwood After Hours - Live at Carnegie Hall

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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Artist: Various
Title: Eastwood After Hours - Live at Carnegie Hall
Year of Release: 1997
Record Label: Malpaso/Warner Bros.
Genre: Jazz

Great Jazz from, Clint Eastwoods movies as performed by an the likes of Jon Faddis, Earl Gardner, Byron Stripling (Trumpets and/or Flugelhorns), Dick Oatts (Alto Sax and/or Flute), Slide Hamton (Trombone), Reene Rosnes (Piano), Peter Washington (Bass), Kenny washington (Drums), Kenny Barron, Roy Hargrove, Christian McBride, Steve Turre, James Carter, Kyle Eastwood, Akua Dixon, to name just a few... What an ensemble group of jazz performers... This, (two disc) CD, is the concert, recorded live at Carngie Hall in New York. It is a beautiful expression of the Jazz that Clint Eastwood loved to have in his movies. It is fantastic. I makes me wish, I could have attended that concert on that magical night, in 1997, at Carnegie Hall. All of the songs sound the best as played through our Martin Logan speakers. Check out this marvalous Jazz CD. I highly recommend it.



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I did not know this was available. I'm a trumpet player and that trumpet line-up is killer. Jon Faddis for one has played a very influential part in my life. Can't wait to pick up this recording.

Doug - out
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