CLS II Stator panel and electronics different years

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Jan 25, 2010
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Always intrigued by the CLS line and acquired these 2 weeks ago. Except for slightly decreased output from 1 speaker they sound wonderful. Even though my 3 month old 11a's are the "better" speaker I keep gravitating to these.
I hear you, Roberto-but this is what my ears and heart tell me for now.
Using the decoder, the panels are dated 1990 and the electronics 1992. Is this unusual?
I will tackle the electronics eventually and see what I really have- the number of upgrades and mods documented here are exhaustive and there is a wealth of information. All part of the fun.

The seller was really nice and had a speaker wonderland of sorts-Innersound Kayas, King Sound III, B&W electrostatic, ADS , and a Tecton double impact. Wish I could've listened to them all!


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Jan 1, 2005
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San Jose, Costa Rica
That's your liking. I had more than 28 years the CLS, I really do know of what you are talking about. I had all the CLS models. They are not perfect, but their magical sound quality is with the voices and not too many musical instruments! I hear you too. Sometimes that magic makes me wanting be with them...then I go to my friend's place, who got my latest CLS, and have a listen, then I realise how good the new CLXs are! It's unfair to do a comparison between them. Again, this is my liking.

But, for my ears, the new panel has 40% more exposed to the air. This provides to have more dynamics, more frequency extension, better timbre and much better dispersion and much more. The CLS gold seating position is more narrowed and the stage presentation have less 3D if you do a comparison with their successor, the CLXs.

If you like the CLS, is because you are getting a marvellous coherence. A full range electrostatic is that. It's a magical sound. If your CLS are giving you love, well, if I were you, that's the ones that I will be listening! I am not against the CLS! How I could be? They still are magnificent speakers.

What I do like not necessary must be your liking...so enjoy them, they are a wonderful speakers!

Happy listening!