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Jan 2, 2005
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Wichita, ks
I am considering Classe CAM-200's or CAM-350'S with my Ascents. Has anybody ran this combo before and what were the results? I am using a Classe SSP-60 processor.
I had a Classe' CA300 driving my ML reQuests and it was a very good match with in my system with an tubed ARC LS7 preamp. Eventually, I outgrew the Classe' (10 years later) and went into tubes. I think that the CAM monoblocs are good match with your SSP-60 + ML Ascents. Sorry, I couldn't be of more help on the synergy of your system since I'm not that familiar with your particular models.

I'm currently running a Classe CA300 and Quest Z's with a BAT tube preamp and happy with the setup. The Classe also used to run a pair of Aerius i's and added a great deal of image depth and warmth compaired to my previous Acurus 200X3 amp I was running with.
Oh... do I like Classe! Three days ago I auditioned the Aeon-i's with a rotel combo and was very disappointed. So disappointed that I almost made the mistake of purchasing the B&W 804 Series.

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I felt that the Rotel amps didn't offer the bass response that I was looking for, and overall didn't make the ML's sing. I thought that perhaps this is just teh sound of the Aeon-i's. So I went home to give it some more thought and came back two days later...

Today I went and listened to Classe Cap-2100 Integrated Amplifier. Whoa! What a difference an amp can make and an integrated one at that. I was suprised at how the speakers seemed to literally come alive and the bass response was drastically improved. I want this one. I wanted it until I found out that it was $4,900 and my wife interjected and said, "Forget it." We live in Europe and the exchange rate & VAT taxes make it almost 25,000 of my currency. That's a hefty figure if you think of it in relative terms.

The dealer then suggested as an alternative setup, "Musical Fidelity." Which would cost the exact same as the Rotel.
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I didn't get to listen to Musical Fidelity today, but also feel that by looks alone it's not as pleasing to the eye. Sort of bulky and old school industrial. But it is, 300watts per channel into 4ohms!

I now have buyers dilemna and need to keep doing research and listening tests.

Any thoughts??
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