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Oct 4, 2006
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I recently got back into the audio world and dragged out my system which was in storage for ten years. I won't bother readers with details, upgrades, etc.
So here we are:
Linn/Ittok/Monster Alpha 2 - unchanged
Electrocompaniet EC-1 replaced by CJ Premier 17 LS
Electron Kinetics Eagle 2 amp replaced by CJ MF2500A amp
Martin Logan CLS replaced by reQuests
Speaker Cables Harmonic Technology Fantasy Bi-Wire
CD: Cambridge 640 V2 replaced by Modified Jolida (not yet here)

I missed having phono with the CJ Premier 17LS so tonight I received an ARC SP9 MkIII with the Refernece upgrade from GNSC. I ignored Steve's advice and played it right away. Very veiled, but hints of potential. He requested that I wait 24 hours before evaluating, but after 2 hours, the phono sounds good, but not the gain of the EC-1. Time for a new MC also.
Enough said, I know that at least one person on this list has a GNSC modified ARC unit. What should I expect? The longer it is on, the more invisible it becomes so far.
Thank you,