Are my Ascenti's too far from the front wall & if so...

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Dave Dahl

Hi all,

Over the past year I have assembled a complete ML 5.1 system. Ascenti's, Cinema, Scripts, and Depth. It sounds great.

My home theater room is about 14.5 feet wide and 21 feet deep. Due to the 65" Mits Diamond television I have elected to place my speakers 6.5 feet away from the front wall. This prevents the television between the speakers from destroying the three dimensional sound field.

Lately, I've noticed that the music seems to come from behind the front speakers. It's almost as if the music is between the Ascenti's and the front wall. While it sounds good I am wondering if the speakers are too far from the front wall.

The reason for this post is twofold. First, if 6.5 feet is too far from the front walls what will I gain by placing the speakers closer. Second, I am considering building an interior wall the width of the room about 3 feet from the front wall. I would then slide the projection television into it and then have nothing (except the cinema on a small stand) between the speakers. Are there any thoughts on this good or bad?

That's about it. Although I've been lurking here for two years this my first post. Great site and I'm now proud to call myself a member.

-Dave Dahl
Built-in TV's look great. recess the equipment shelves as so forth - what we all dream about.

I think the cavity can also act as a bass trap, little cracks or vent openings let sound in, but not out as easily - add in batt insulation behind there and it's a bass trap.

I think four feet from the wall is listed in many of the reviews of M/L I've read.
I don't think placing the speakers futher from the front wall makes the sound more laid-back. It might be the electronics or cables doing this. Making a false wall is not the solution in my opinion. You might want to place some absorption/diffusion on the wall behind the speakers, this could bring the sound stage more forward. How is your listening room dressed? Does the room sound lively or 'dead'? Acoustics are the determininig factor in sound quality. Some pictures of your situation might also help.
My small, quick Tree Diffussion test did bring the sound forwared for me. Might be something you might want to try.

First off welcome Dave :)

My room is just a little bit bigger than yours but my Ascent i's are placed just about 4' in front of the screen wall. I do have accoustic panels behind black fabric which softens the front wall reflections. The soundstage is just a little bit behind the front plane of the speakers (with vocals) but it does go a lot deeper when the recording has the depth.

Getting rid of the big box (TV) inbetween the speakers helped the sound quite a bit. Building a false wall around your projection TV with some added accoustic treatments will change your sound for the better IMHO.
Congrats on assembling such a nice system! I agree with the previous posters who suggest that the distance to the front wall will not have a big effect on front/back imaging. I have found that moving the speakers closer together helps to bring forward-recorded sounds closer to the front. However, I understand that you have a big tv and potential sight-lines to consider.

In general, your description of the sound coming from between the wall and the speakers does not indicate a problem to me. Ideally, when you close your eyes and concentrate, the wall should disappear. After all, imaging is referred to in terms of depth (from the speakers back) and side-to-side, but not height. I have never heard the sound come from between myself and the speakers. I'm talking about 2-channel.