Any Stage pics?

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Do we have any pictures of the new Stage yet? When will it be out?

Martin Logan may show it at CEDIA'05 or CES'06, for now it's a mystery.

Roberto did say Martin Logan was reworking the Stage and will release it when they are happy with it.
Stage Update

Spoke to ML today, they said that the Stage is due Jan/Feb 2006, it’s smaller than the theatre i. Not necessarily better as its smaller, about the same performance possibly a bit less than the current theatre i. So, let’s say it’s more a sideways step than an upgrade.

But this may suite some people who have been looking for a smaller sized centre, with the same performance as the theatre i.

The new Ascent speaker replacement, the Vantage, is due Christmas. It’s powered (did not ask the wattage, I assume its 200w) as the Summit, but this time it has only one 8 inch driver. It has the same sort of shape as the Summit, but smaller. More like the Aeon. As I have not seen the Summit or the Aeon in the flesh, I let you figure it out.

The dates quoted were for International shipment, so ask ML about the release dates for the domestic market.

Nearly forgot, there’ll be a “New Descent” sub out later in 2006. ML may offer an upgrade to the current Descent owners – but nothing has been finalised – I for one, hope they do.

So if anyone is interested in further information, suggest asking ML some discreet questions.

I meant to say the size is similar to the Aeon, while the shape is like the Summit.