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Jan 1, 2005
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Los Gatos, CA
Artist: Anthony Braxton
Title: For Trio
Year of Release: 1978
Record Label: Arista AB 4181 (LP)
Genre: Jazz/Creative/Cosmic

Not your garden variety, every day kind of music. A definite journey into a cosmic sound scape. It is out there, but definitely accessible. It does contain some atonal squacks, but nothing sustained. I guess you could describe it as a jazz/classical fusion. The album consist of the same composition performed by with two groups different musicians. It would be hard to get that the two groups are both trios. The two different renditions are both very interesting. This album definitely entices arm chair conducting. It will not be an easy album to find, but it is worth seeking out.

1. {Comp. 76} – Version I (Braxton) [20:22]
2. {Comp. 76} – Version II (Braxton) [20:56]

Braxton (C fl, alto fl, scl, Bb cl, ca cl, cb cl, Eb ss, as, cb sx, taragata, gongs, perc, little instruments)

Henry Threadgill (fl, bass fl, as, ts, bs, cl, Hub "T" Wall, gongs, perc, little instruments) on # 1
Douglas Ewart (picc, fl, sop cl, Bb cl, bcl, Eb ss, Bb ss, as, bsn, Ewartphone, gongs, perc, little instruments) on # 1

Roscoe Mitchell (picc, fl, cl, ss, as, ts, bs, bs sx, gongs, perc, little instruments) on # 2
Joseph Jarman (fl, cl, alto cl, bcl, ss, as, bs, bs sx, vib, gongs, perc, little instruments) on # 2

ALBUM NOTE: "little instruments refers to homemade instruments – bells, flutes, etc., etc. (if listed separately would require more space than this album could provide)." 76


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