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BTW, I ended up putting all the audio stuff I was playing with to the side. I ended up with the Rode Wireless Pro system and it has been perfect for me. The lav mics are good, the internal 32 bit audio recordings are great and bypass my crappy in camera audio preamps.

I'm also moving away from Vegas Video version 18. It's unstable. I'm moving to DaVinci Resolve just because it's more professional and free. But to be fair they sell the studio version for $300 and upgrades are free, so if I like it, I'll buy it.
In typical form, I kept going down the rabbit hole in terms of more audio, more video equipment, more lights, backdrops, etc.. etc..


I even did some testing with Chromakeying, but I haven't used it in a YouTube video yet.


Somehow I managed to break 1,000 subscribers, and could probably earn about $50 a month if I monetized my channel. LOL!
Of course, I've dropped a chunk more into equipment than I initially expected I would. What else is new. Forgetting my time, Maybe I could break even on my equipment in 2-3 years :)