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For Sale Legacy Audio Silhouettes (2 pair - FULL RANGE WALL MOUNT)- $2,800/per set or $5.4k for both!

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Apr 14, 2024
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I am selling these as we are changing up our media room, so we are changing the layout. Both pairs are are absolutely amazing sounding and are in excellent condition. I am in Fairfax, VA (22033), speakers are available for demo.

Some Details:

Rosewood - I purchased these from the original owner but I do not have the original boxes. I am asking $2,800/obo for this pair.

Black - I am the original owner and have all the original packaging. I am asking $2,800/obo for the pair. I can ship this pair and will split the shipping with the buyer to get a deal done!

I prefer local pick-up as I don't have the boxes for the Rosewood. I will include delivery (after payment) within 100 miles of Fairfax/VA to help get a deal done.

These speakers retail for $5,600 per pair ($11,200 for both) and there is an almost year wait to get them. With that, here’s a chance to get an awesome set or both pairs for a great price ( $5400 for both pairs and delivery included within 100 miles of 22033)! Let me know if you have any questions and DM me to discuss.



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