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Oct 31, 2015
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Edmonton AB
Daniel Barenboim - Berlin Staatskapelle - Warner Classics

Beethoven: The 9 Symphonies

Back in the bad old days (when we still had two Germanys) the Berlin Staatskapelle was the wrong side of the Berlin Wall and was one of the Soviet bloc’s favourite orchestras. During that time, the orchestra was conducted by Otmar Suitner, who also did a creditable job of recording Beethoven.

The Staatskapelle has a history spanning more than 450 years and this box is well worth taking a look at, especially when one considers that the price for the entire set is less than many single CDs.

“I waited a very long time to record the Beethoven symphonies…I waited for the music to mature in me – or me in it – and to find an orchestra that not only did what I asked it to do, but which really felt every detail in the music exactly as I did at the moment we were playing it…This is the greatest joy that a conductor can have.” –Daniel Barenboim
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