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    ESL15A Break in

    Sounds like a placement issue. Have you toe-in the speakers a little bit? How close are you sitting to the speakers? These have massive panels and if you want to get the full range you need to be hearing top to bottom of the panel. Speakers seem pretty large for the room, as mentioned above...
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    New Impression 11A's

    I ended up demoing the Vitus RI-101 with the DAC/streamer module and fell in love with it. Very good balance of resolution and naturalness without sounding analytical at all. Instruments realism is absolutely spot on. I thought it paired well with MLs. Cost is fairly high but since it has a...
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    New Impression 11A's

    Totally agree, sorry for the confusion. I have not come across many receivers that would be able to drive the 11As to their fullest. Maybe NAD, they have focused on clean power and support for sub 4 ohm dips in the past. Most receivers, even high end, will go into protection mode if driven...
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    New Impression 11A's

    I can’t disagree, sadly the Luxman falls into the “cheaper” category in high end audio. I was in the same boat, I fell into the cost spiral of trying to find the best amp to drive the 11As. These type of integrated/amps are meant for 2ch listening. They can be integrated into a HT but there...
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    New Impression 11A's

    On the higher end (in no particular order): Gryphon Diablo 300, Vitus RI-101, Luxman 509X. I was driving my old Source speakers with a higher end Denon receiver and it sounded fine. When I plugged in the 11A’s it sounded horrible, flat and thin. Even though they can be driven by receivers it...
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    Blown 11A?

    Hey guys, just wanted to give an update here. I called ML on this soon after I posted this and they replaced the entire speakers with brand new pair of speakers (awesome customer services). They have worked great, I did experience a coming out of sleep issue which turns out it is a software...
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    Tilting forward the Renaissance ESL 15A

    How close are you sitting to the speakers? From my experience when you sit too close to the speakers you loose some of the higher frequencies since they come from the top portion of the panel. Tilt the speaker too far forward and you lose a bit of the mids/mid-bass.
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    speaker wire for summits?

    In terms of brands I have had great success with AudioQuest (higher end copper like Oak and even better Thunderbird) and more recently Ansuz paired with ML. With Ansuz I have never heard more neutral and accurate cable without losing naturalness. Though it's best used with a full loom since...
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    The law of diminishing return.

    Haha, well said! I would also add, when you ask your significant other, "Wow, did you just hear the difference?" and the response is a clear "No, not at all. How much more did you just spend??" I would try to demo first to hear the difference between the newer designed narrower panel and the...
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    Impression 11A - Piano Black

    Still available, here are some pics! Excellent condition, I have babied these and paired them with only high end components. Currently, using a Vitus RI-101 amp (amazing combo). Cables have been high end AQ (Oak, Thunderbird), now Ansuz. I took pics of the only blemishes I could find. One...
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    Any good media streamers coming out, or just released lately?

    At that price point I would definitely check out the Lumin U1 Mini. For streaming, I don't think it gets better in terms of stability and support. http://www.luminmusic.com/lumin-u1-mini.html This is coming from experience, I am very picky and have loved every Lumin DAC/streamer I have had...
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    Impression 11A - Piano Black

    Hi All, Putting a feeler out for my excellent condition Impression 11A speakers in Piano Black + ARC Kit. We moved to a new house and the listening room is too small for the speakers. I am a huge Martin Logan fan so this is a major bummer, these are fantastic but are just too deep for the...
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    New Impression 11A's

    Other than room dimensions and placement, I have found the biggest single impact of any component is the amp. I have a pair of 11As and have gone through a few amps and cables. An amp with enough power reserves work like magic in my opinion. I went from a McIntosh mc452 (too warm) to a Luxman...
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    Any good media streamers coming out, or just released lately?

    I would think of it this way...do you need to have a library management system or just a streamer, next question is do you need a DAC built-in. Sounds like you want all, so the next question is do you want to use Roon (which costs money and a separate sever) or want built-in everything with...
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    Any good media streamers coming out, or just released lately?

    Aurender is great if you have an extensive library already and you don’t use Roon. Lumin is fantastic for streaming and Roon, though you can connect an external HDD to access existing libraries. I have owned both the D2 and T2 and they are great. T2 is one of the best quality streaming DACs...