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    Comparing ML CLS1's with Magnepan .7...

    So what is your opinion now comparing the Martin Logans to the Magnepan? Ive heard both in the store but cant recall how they compared. The store I buy from no longer carries Magnepan. Seems like Magnepan is more affordable and probably dont wear out like the Martin Logan panels do.
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    New Member...and already a dilemma :)

    Yeah, when we move I always move all of my electronics on my own and anything that seems fragile and isnt too heavy. Moving these Prodigies is a pain in the ass too, suckers are heavy and awkward. I always just wrap them in a good blanket and strap them onto my dolly. Getting them up into the...
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    New Member...and already a dilemma :)

    That $700 is just one panel too, right? If you replaced one, im willing to bet the sound on that would not match well to your other one. Probably want to do both. I can see your hesitation. I bought a pair of Prodigy speakers about 4 years ago and am having new panels made now. Those run $2800...
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    Subwoofer immediately blows the fuse - Dynamo 1000W (discontinued)

    Well, thats not bad since they at least have the part. If I was 100% sure that was what is broken then I would order that part. I dont think they have any parts for my Depth i. It is a lot older. They seem to support their floor standing speakers very well. Ive got them making new panels for my...
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    Subwoofer immediately blows the fuse - Dynamo 1000W (discontinued)

    It seems like they don't concentrate on servicing the older models like my depth I. I contacted them about my issue and didn't get any help except for some troubleshooting tips. I have a feeling they don't have parts any more for it.
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    Subwoofer immediately blows the fuse - Dynamo 1000W (discontinued)

    I had a sunfire sub that kept blowing fuses. I tossed it out. Prior to that i had sent it back to them to have it refreshed
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    Obsessive hobbies....

    Wipers work in the game? I see a switch for that. Ive done some driving sims but dont recall seeing wipers that are controlled. Youve got some serious hardware there!
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    Sl3 bass resonance

    Here is how my Prodigy panels looked from a test that Russ ran. He was going to recoat my panels but we decided not to and I just ordered new ones from ML. Mine are worn out.
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    New to me Theater i has issues... help!

    I've never had a power supply on a cord go bad. Isn't that basically a transformer on there? None of my devices has ever had one go out. Have many of you had it happen? Hoping i don't have to deal with it.
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    Hi all

    Don't want to get too off topic, but what do you think about break in of new panels? I should be receiving my new Prodigy panels within the next month. I guess those panels too will have a break in period? Wondering how much of the break in for new ML speakers is due to the woofers and how much...
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    New to me Theater i has issues... help!

    So many international rules. Living in the US Ive ordered stuff from the UK, China, and Japan and never had to do anything special. I guess other countries are more strict? I know importing drugs here is tough but never heard of trouble with electronics goods.
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    Anyone with experience with 15As & Cardas Clear cables?

    That sounds like my Prodigy speakers. They are 20 years old and the panels are worn out though. Having new ones made now. Those speakers you have must be brand new?
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    A pair of 22 year old SL3's and a lot of Schiit...

    Haven't had problems with windows thankfully! Just that door, furniture, wall hangings, and objects resting on surfaces like the mantle. I used foam on picture frames and furniture.
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    Home Theater vs 2-Channel Music

    Wow, were you on their crew or were you in an opening band?