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I have been obsessed with audio since I was 8 years old.I did custom car audio installs for years, car audio has ran its course, now I strictly listen to home audio. Over the years I have owned hundreds of pairs of speakers and numerous pieces of audio gear. I have repaired amplifiers, crossovers and built custom speakers on this journey. I have tried used, worn out Martin logans in the past but recently was able to find some good used ones I also found a center and now I am addicted to the clarity and openness of box free sound. I also got a set of Magnepans 1.7i for my strictly 2.1 ch system and have sold most of my box speakers.
Main HT: Martin Logan Theos mains, Martin Logan Stage center, Boston Acoustics side and Definitive bipolar rear surround. Sony STR DA5700ES receiver, Sony DVP S7700 (for CD's), Sony Blu ray player, Bryston 3BSST2. Dual SVS SB 3000 subwoofers. Epson 1080P 3D projector and a 110" screen.

2.1 channel rig: speakers on rotation: Parts Express Solstice kit, Zaph Audio SR-71 custom build, Magnepan 1.7i, Paradigm Studio Reference sub 12, Bryston 4B3, Parasound Classic 200 pre, Sony DVP S7700 for cd's. Emotiva 10 gauge speaker cables on both rigs and IC's. Auralex Sound dampening room treatments. Also a bulletproof ATI AT1502 and Bryston 4BST amplifiers for backup.
August 4
Milliken CO. 80543
Welder, Fabricator