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    Power up issue on ESL

    Call ML Service, they will take care of you.
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    Strange rapid popping/clipping from Dynamo 500

    I had this happen to a lower end ML sub (MLT series) . ML sent me a replacement amp which remedied the problem for a year or two until it died again.
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    Esl x vs esl

    IMHO, it's too little of an incremental upgrade to justify the cost. If you can't fit a bigger panel, I'd be looking for Ethos or Classic ESL 9. If you just want better bass, add a REL or Sumiko sub.
  4. sdolen

    Thinking of Purchasing a Turntable; Any and All Advice Welcome!

    Having owned the CA and also a VPI Scout, Classic and now Prime, I would take the new Prime Scout any day over the Concept. While the Concept is a nice plug and play table, the VPI is the better choice if you want to change or upgrade anything down the road.
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    Another amp question

    Audio Research VSI60 (Which replaced a bigger more powerful Rogue Audio 88/99 Combo).
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    Another amp question

    The EM-ESL is pretty efficient at 91db. I'd go for quality over quantity. I have no issues running mine with a 50WPC tube integrated.
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    Dampening Electromotion with No Rez

    I would like to replace the screw down terminal block for the ESL panel at some point. I can't imagine it's not detrimental in some way to the sound.
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    Dampening Electromotion with No Rez

    Looks like a pretty big boost in the 50-60Hz range. Interesting flattening in the 100-200Hz range as well. How does it sound??
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    Vinyl pressing meets the 21st Century !

    I get paralyzed when trying to choose from digital, there are way too many options and I end up never picking anything to listen to. I find it easier to thumb through my modest record collection and just pick something.
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    Dampening Electromotion with No Rez

    Can't wait for the binding post upgrade, please post your results!
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    Pangea power cords

    I'm sure you will have opened a can of worms regarding any cable on this forum. But with that being said, I had Pangea AC14 and AC9 cables with a Rogue Audio 99 and 88 respectively. I removed them and sold them due to not having space for them in a recent equipment rack change. The AC9 is so...
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    ML Dilemma

    I wasn't trying to say the CLS was a Neolith, just more along the lines of the panel size, and I thought if he bought new panels, he would get the updated micro-perf panels. I guess I was misinformed buy this forum which stated that or I made it up in my head. I understand that below 400HZ...
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    ML Dilemma

    If you intend on keeping them, I would get the new panels without a doubt. If you think you might sell them in the next few years, then you will not recoup the cost. I'd think of it this way, the new Neolith at 80K is basically a CLZIIz with some serious bass. Could I live with a less bass...
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    Upgrade Ethos to Montis?

    That's about what dealers are asking for their demos so I'd say you are in the ballpark.
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    Upgrade Ethos to Montis?

    It depends if you have shipping boxes or not. If you can't ship, you have a limited audience. The other factor is what you need to get out of them. I see allot of used speakers trying to be sold at a pretty marginal discount and they sit and sit. You might be better off holding on to them...