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    Index of Speaker mods and audio repair services

    See our new caps installed on our esl15 renassaince, this is a huge step over original, better in everything
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    System #538 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    we did a crossover capacitors change in ours. it is a night and day difference!!!! we recommend to anyone to change those solen caps inside for auricaps xo special edition
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    ESL 15A vs CLX ART+sub ?

    we have a 15a after clx being honest nothing compared to clx because the lower crossover point (50 hz vs 350), most transparent and better bass response. if ML can make a totally passive 15a will be astounding, because class d amps always mess a little bit sound.
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    New Member Intro

    buy the motion 60xt instead electromotion esl is much better
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    Expression 13A Speakers – Predictions Please - and Questions

    Peter you have a gamut amplifier this is a stunning piece to drive a pr of ml, we listened one with clxs and are amazing, best bass response from clxs we have heard Enviado desde mi iPad utilizando Tapatalk
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    Turntables with CLX

    We use vpi classic 3 wirh 3d tonearm and soundsmith straingauge 200 Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
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    System #503 (CLX Art)

    Excellent looking and style, how do you found entreq products makes in your system, we used to have nordost but concern us that it tends to sound tinny and less body than our transparent reference xl cables Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Neolith Purchase Order Has Been Placed

    Uaooo, have you consider which amplifier you will be using with them? Enviado desde mi iPad utilizando Tapatalk
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    Need advice CLX VS Spires

    Hi there, As Roberto told you, clxs are a very different animal, the scale, zize, atonishing speed, makes most loudspeakers out there constipated but their resolution are their biggest enemy, you will clearly hear everything in your recordings, cables and equipments. Then, be prepair to try to...
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    System #46 (ML Statement E2, Theater i, Monolith IIIx)

    Wowww this are a extremely good loudspeakers
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    System #345 (CLX)

    You have a wonderful system!!!
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    Driving the ML CLX

    hi Bernard I have a arc ref150 and ref5se driving a pr of clxs,overall it is a excellent choice, but to be honest I will to like to purchase a pr of Conrad Johnson amplifiers and will sell both pieces.
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    New ML model coming!!! UPDATE! "NEOLITH" INFO INSIDE!

    About new MLs We have been reading in the web about it, but strangely not comments have been done about their sound and how they went in comparison with other displays.
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    Panel position/listening

    the problem is that you need to raise the image and cames from hard reflecting backwalls, cover the wall behind the loudspeakers starting from floor and between them with 2" fiber glass panels and then you will see the image will raise
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    New Balanced Force 210 and 212 subs!

    Jejejeje, you are right!! Ml designers needs to be fans of star wars saga