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    Peter Hogan: If there are no HIGHS and no LOWS, it must be Bose !
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    CLX system

    All I can say is damn ! That's WOW X 10.
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    Amp Recommendations for ESL 15

    I have had an ARC D200 solid state amp since 1994 and have no issues at all on my CLSIIZ.
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    CLX Upgrade: Things To Be Aware Of

    Those political posts have no place here Period.
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    New Member Intro

    I have electrostats driven by ARC solid state amp. These guys have a very low impedance requirement that need to be carefully matched with the amp. Why not ask your local Crown dealer? Cheers
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    I hope I'm in the right place to get a reply: Can I list speakers and other brands of equipment for sell on this site? Or is this for ML only equipment?? Dick
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    Room treatment

    I hope you haven't already shot your self in the foot (er ear). According to the science of acoustics your room should not be any dimensions divisible by 2 with an even resulting number. 12 16 8 is a good set for doubling frequencies. A better solution would be 11 x 15 x 8. Reference "The...
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    In town? Austin/Round Rock Texas

    If your still amenable for a listening session, I'd luv to swap one with you -- I'm in Austin. Dick 512 246 8989. Check mine out @ dgeez.
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    System #481 (CLS iiZ)

    Name: Dick Geeslin Location: Austin, TX USA ML Model: CLS iiZ Purchased: 1994 Associated equipment: ARC D200 & SP16 Linn Karik & Numeric CD Player TEAC 6010 GSL SAE Digital FM Tuner Kinergetics K200 Amp and SQ100 Woofers Koss ESP.9 Electrostatic Stereophones Panamax MAX 5500 AC Regenerator...
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    new 2 channel amp & crossover

    Well -- After all the blood sweat and tears the solution was so simple it's embarrassing. At first I didn't tink it would work well but it does -- I was afraid the voltage would be too little to drove both amps. Here it is: run a (RCA) splitter from the L & R analog outputs of the DAC into...
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    new 2 channel amp & crossover

    Hi Yaz ! The problem exists in the amp & crossover unit --- the woofers / drivers are great! Still sealed boxes and no rot. The problem started immediately after I got the amp/xover back from the factory. I've just put up with it for 16 years. I've had three great cable brand companies...
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    new 2 channel amp & crossover

    Hi Jonathan ! Can you see my system now using this link? Dick [URL="www.martinlogan.com/insiders/index.php?system=1&sysID=914"]
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    Main Stereo .JPG

    Main Stereo .JPG
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    new 2 channel amp & crossover

    I guess folks are very accustomed to powered subs these days. Mine are two 10 inch woofers per box in stereo not powered. The power amp & crossover are combined in a separate box. Maybe look at the system as bi-amped. I hope this will help...
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    new 2 channel amp & crossover

    Hi Brad: As the CLS don't go much below 80Hz, I need a crossover to allow my stats to play from 20 kHz down to 80Hz and then let my existing woofers to take over from 80 Hz and play down to 20 Hz. Kinergetics manufactured amps with volume controls and built in crossovers, but have since gone...