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    Hello everyone,

    I am very new to the world of Martin Logan, but am happy to finally be here.
    I was in the market for a home theatre upgrade and went shopping for things that could improve my current situation. After a home consultation from Best Buy's Magnolia home theatre, I was told that my receiver and speakers would definitely benefit from an upgrade. So, I went through the paces of trying out new speakers. After listening to definitive speakers, I quickly realized that they weren't what I was looking for. I wanted clarity, not just volume. The rep recommended Martin Logan to me. Once they were on and the music played I was hooked. Voices sounded richer and the clarity was amazing. So, after a few weeks of trying out speakers and finding that Martin Logan was what I wanted, I made a purchase.

    I went with the Motion 4 speakers for my 2 front (main) speakers. These are the only two speakers I've upgraded so far. I have an old KLH cube speaker acting as my center (Groan!!!) for now and a yamaha sub. I also upgraded my receiver to a Pioneer Elite VSX-50. I love the receiver and what it can do for my movies and music. I took the time breaking them in for the most part (4 days of moderate play of music, movies, tv). I also have the receiver networked to my PC to play Itunes over airplay. Very nice feature.

    The issue I have is that I'm worried about blowing my speakers. One time during airplay, the computer cranked the volume up super loud for about 35 secs. Ever since then I've been trying to listen for a sign that something went wrong. Maybe its mental, but I swear things don't sound as crisp as they used to. I've had the speakers playing now for about a week. Is this just normal break in I'm experiencing or something more?? There are no popping noises or anything else that would signal an issue, but I can't help but freak out after spending some decent money on my speakers. Suggestions??? Also, the movie dialogue is a little lacking and movies still don't have the POP I was hoping for. I am on a very tight budget and was pushing it buying what I did. I'm hoping someone out here can help a newbie find what he is after. Thanks for anyone who can help. Glad this forum exists.


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    Welcome Sam! I've heard a lot of good things about the Motion 4's, so I think you got a great value there. To augment those speakers, I've read the Dynamo 700 wireless sub mates perfectly with them.

    As for your problem, first I say, trust your ears. If there is a difference to you, then investigate it. I'm not sure I understand how a "computer cranked the volume up", but if it did to a very high level, the tweeters may have been damaged. I'd give Martin Logan a call and tell them what happened and they could make some recommendations. Anyway, I'm sure someone else may chime in with some further recommendations.
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    Thanks for the welcome and the sub suggestion. As for the computer turning up the volume, this is what happened. I found out that Itunes does a "direct" match to computer volume when connected via airplay. So, you can have the computer cranked up and it will effect the volume on the receiver. If the volume is relatively loud on the receiver already and then you turn on airplay, it supposedly will try to match the volume level of the computer's Itunes level. I switched from Internet explorer over to Itunes to listen to music and when the computer switched over, I got blasted by my motion 4's that are connected to my receiver. Anyway, since then I think the high range sounds seem to be almost on the verge of "cracking". Nothing has made a cracking noise or popped when playing music, but the high vocals or upper register of some music (guitars, pianos, keyboards etc.) sound a bit tinny and almost about to "crack". Is this normal?? I'm not sure since I'm so new to Martin Logans.

    The motion 4's blew me away in store and at home. I really enjoyed the clarity and range they provided for the price. Should I get the motion center, or can I get away with just a standard center? Would like to keep system uniform if possible, but cost is a bit of a factor. Also, ever since the computer incident, it seems that everything has to be played at a lower volume. For example, during the first 3 days of playing music, I was able to play music comfortably at -24 db on my Pioneer receiver. Since the computer incident, it seems that music sounds best at -30 to -34 db. Not sure if that makes sense, but that is what I am noticing. I also find myself wanting more of the umph behind my music and am tempted to put my receiver back to the -24, but then it sounds distorted. I don't know what to do. Maybe its just me being picky and freaking out. Is there a sure fire way to know if damage has been done to the speakers??? I'm not sure how to tell. I appreciate any help you or others can provide.


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    Welcome to the Martin Logan community.

    Based on what i have experienced, read and heard i think your Pioneer and Martin Logan need extensive running in.
    They will sound their best at the completion of the run-in period.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I've heard the run-in (or break in) time is about 72 hours. I'm pretty sure I'm past that now that I've had the speakers for about two weeks. Things are working fine, just unsure of when I'll know I hit that magic moment where everything sounds its best.

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    Welcome to the fold Sam!

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