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Thread: Weak sounding panel repair (nothing to lose)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tosh View Post
    Isn't the charge strip made of copper and running up only one side of the ESL sandwich?
    I believe that is so in the current production models. Conductive coating is applied horizontally and bias supply strip must then be in the vertical edge(s). It's maybe sealed with insulation "spacer" tape in which case mentioned method might not be useful.
    CLS panels might have different construction.

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    I found this post very helpful for me.
    I did the shower and plant spay trick to recover my dummy aerius i and it worked!!!.

    Now I will try liquid soap trick as enlisen proposed.
    But I cannot found any the liquid soap containing triclosan because FDA announce that triclosan may causes a cancer.
    Instead, I bought two anti bacterical liquid soap - Dettol and Dial.

    if anyone knows, can you please share the result of these two types of liquid soap (Dettol and Dial)?
    I don't have ohm-meter now. I can buy the resistance meter and figure it out. But it will take some time.
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