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Thread: New ML Press Releases

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    Default New ML Press Releases

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    The ESL 9 appears to be a Theos (no amp) with the bass response of an Ethos at a price point just barely under where the Ethos was.

    I'm assuming this will replace both the Theos and Ethos speakers.
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    The new Illusion Center is a great concept, and long overdue for dedicated home theaters with fixed or retractable screens. However, a very limited niche at that price point! The Focus also seems fairly expensive for an 18" center with passive woofers, but perhaps it has other compelling features. At this point, neither are tempting me to replace my legacy Motif, but I'll wait for more details.

    Of note, the Anthem STR Integrated Amp looks really interesting, and the price is right, especially with 600W output into 2 ohms! I presume it's Class D. Looking forward to more specs/details.
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    After reading the specifications, seems to me that the power amp section of the new Anthem integrated may be similar to Anthem MCA 225.
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