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    Michael Murray
    The young Bach

    In my opinion the one "must own" organ disk. Let me explain, the subject here is the Gabriel Kney instrument at the collage of St. Thomas in St. Paul Minnesota. It's a moderate sized instrument in a appropriate sized space and suited especially for baroque repertoires. Of special interest to Bass heads is the lowest notes produced here belong to sixteen foot open subass, posaune and praestant divisions which play no lower than 32HZ. In a word the bass is "clean". Most true full range and many subwoofer equipped systems can easily reproduce the exceptionally well recorded bass. Tight and distinct, the attack and reverb of each note can be followed and never builds to a indistinct muddle of sound so common with huge organs playing in huge spaces where managing the reverb becomes the sound recordists enigma. The pacing allows the music to unfold in Bach's typical mathematical unity. The sense of the hall space is well conveyed and Murray plays with amazing precision; adding nothing to Bach's already well constructed work. Included in the play list is:
    Prelude and Fugue in C Major
    Prelude and Fugue in G Minor
    Concerto Number 1 in G Major
    Prelude and Fugue in D Minor
    Fantasia in G Major
    Prelude in C Major
    Fugue in G Minor
    Canzona in D Minor
    In Dulci Jubilo

    Thankfully missing on this disk is the D Minor Toccata and its fugue which has forever been associated with haunted house music (I still love it but always endure the "who's funeral" comments from my wife). Murray has recordings of this piece elsewhere.

    One of the tracks almost sounds like Philip Glass with the repeating arpeggios (you can post the track name and number after a listen). A great disk to demo the power and glory of your stereo with wonderful dynamics and without over long echo, muddy bass, flamboyant playing and haunted house theme music. One of my desert island discs. -Rick
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