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Thread: Mounting MLT-2 speakers

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    Default Mounting MLT-2 speakers


    I try to mount the satellite speaker on a mounting bracket, but having trouble to find the correct size of screw to fit into the two holes in the back of the speaker? The manual said using #10 screw, but no matter what type of screw I've tried none of them will fit into the holes. Any idea?


    - Johnny

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    Why not take the speaker and mounting bracket to a local hardware store and ask them there if you dont get an answer elsewhere . They are satellite speakers so it should be quite easy to lug around .

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the MLT speaker system

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    Thanks for the response. I did bring my speaker to Lowes, Home Depot and OSH, but can't find the matching screws.

    Speaking of MLT-2, it's an excellent surround sound speakers. It sounds much better than my old Infinity TSS-500CHR speakers.

    - Johnny

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    I am still in disbelief about this 5.1 Speaker Package. It even uses conventional Aluminum Dome Tweeters and not the Heil I mean Folded Motion Transducer. I too am interested in how this Package sounds. It just seems surreal ML is now going after the Bose Acoustimass crowd.

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    Where you able to mount the surround speakers that came with you MLT-2 system. I have not been able to find mounting HW that works for mine.

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